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Ended on April 21st 2019

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It's time to heat things up and and get a bit fruity with these fruit based hot sauces!


Top Up My Public Transport Pass

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Too broke to buy a bottle right now? Can't stand the heat but still want to show some love? Choose this option to throw a tenner my way knowing the only reward you'll receive is a deep sense of satisfaction from contributing to something magical. I'll also shout you out on social media and whisper your name into the bottles of my first batch as I package them making you forever a part of the initial launch!

200ml Bottle of Dr. Welsh's Hot Sauce

| 9 pledges

This is a pre-purchase of the final product: A 200ml bottle of one of my three hot sauces. You get to choose between Pineapple & Jalapeno (Mild), Blueberry & Habanero (medium) or Apricot & Carolina Reaper (Hot). This is absolutely more expensive than my official retail price but you're buying more than the sauce, you're buying me a future in the hot sauce business and yourself a feeling of wholesome satisfaction!

200ml Bottle + Dr. Welsh's T-Shirt

| 3 pledges

Snag yourself some fire threads to go with your fire sauce! This is a white T-shirt with the Dr. Welsh's logo emblazoned on it and a 200ml bottle of your choice of sauce. Become a walking advertisement for your new favourite brand! Rep the heat! This is a pre-purchase of the final product: A 200ml bottle of one of my three hot sauces. You get to choose between Pineapple & Jalapeno (Mild), Blueberry & Habanero (medium) or Apricot & Carolina Reaper (Hot).

Super Deluxe Triple Pack 3x200ml + T-Shirt

| 1 pledge

Can't decide which flavour you want? Want to be spoiled for choice? Sucker for punishment? Get all three! This pack includes one of each sauce flavour in their 200ml bottles, Pineapple & Jalapeno (Mild), Blueberry & Habanero (medium) or Apricot & Carolina Reaper (Hot). You also get a sweet T-shirt with the Dr. Welsh's logo on it so you can rep the the vibes out there on the mean streets.

I Eat A Reaper And Sing Your Favourite Song +Sauce+Shirt

| 0 pledges

Want some sauce and a shirt but also want to punish me for begging for your money? If you choose this, I will record a video of me eating a Carolina Reaper (2nd hottest chilli in the world, 1.5m scoville) and then attempting to sing a song of your choice. I'll probably dance too. You didn't ask for that, but I'll do it. If you hate music you can suggest a book excerpt or a poem.

5x Custom Hot Sauce Flavour + Shirt

| 0 pledges

Don't like any of my flavours but still want to help me out? If you're willing to drop this much cash then you can request your own fruit and chilli combination, assuming they're in season, and I will make you 5x200ml bottles just for you including a dodgy hand made label. You also get a shirt since you're obviously a huge fan.

200ml 5G AMOLED Glass Bottle w 128gb RAM + T-Shirt

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Want to show off how rich you are? To be really clear, don't buy this. This is objectively a rip-off. This will get you a single 200ml bottle of your choice of sauce, plus a T-shirt. Exactly the same thing as $50 will get you, but I'm charging you $1000.

Dr. Welsh's

Flexible Funding
Food Victoria, Australia

Do you suffer from sweats? Intense burning sensations? Spontaneous crying? Well I’m not a doctor so I can’t help you with that. In fact, Dr. Welsh’s Spicy Brain Tonic will probably make those specific things substantially worse.

I’m CJ Welsh and I am absolutely not a doctor. I am however a chilli enthusiast and former 2nd Place Melbourne Chilli Eating Champion. Video is NSFW due to filthy swears, vomit and my glorious ponytail

I’ve searched long and hard for a hot sauce that is equal parts delicious, spicy and healthy. I couldn’t find one, so I went and made one.

Dr. Welsh’s hot sauces are all fruit based and designed to emphasise flavour above pain, good vibes above anger and low blood pressure against death. These are sauces that will get your heart going, but in a positive and healthy way and they’re going to taste good while they do it.

I’m starting with these three sauces:

Pineapple and Jalapeno – Mild (Ignore what I said in the video, it turns out Lychees are a recipe from a future where lychees are cheap or I’m rich)

Blueberry and Habanero – Medium

Apricot and Carolina Reaper – Hot

I’m not going to make any medical claims, once again absolutely not in any way a doctor, but I will point out that recent studies (such as the one from Northwestern University) show that eating chillies causes endorphin and even dopamine production in the brain. I’m not saying my sauces will give you a natural high but I’m not *not* saying that either.

I’m seeking funds to get this business started as I’m currently living off megoreng trying to save up and that’s having an even worse effect on my insides than all the chillies I eat.

I mainly need money to cover startup costs such as:


Food Manufacturing Permit

Initial Stock (Bottles and ingredients etc)

Labelling Design and Printing

A Sweet Commercial Blender (One of those BlendTec style ones, you know the ‘Will It Blend? Don’t Breathe This’ guys)

Marketing Materials (Swag, shirts, flyers, all that good stuff)

I’m gonna do this one way or another, but it’d be awesome to be doing it legit and legal instead of selling illicit sauces out of the back of a van. Who am I kidding, I can’t afford a van, it’d be out of a backpack at the train station.

The final packaging on the sauces will be different from what you’ve seen in the video and pictures so far. I’m going with 200ml bottles that are sort of flask shaped but I still need to finalise my label design and get my nutritional panel done.

Your funds can help me revolutionise (I’m so sick of that word now) the hot sauce industry in Australia, nay THE WORLD!

Share this campaign with your friends and your family and those people you have on facebook that you haven’t unfriended even though you haven’t spoken to them in years but it would be weird now if you unfriended them so you just unfollow them and pretend they’re not there.

Be part of something amazing. Something new. Something spicy!

April 22, 2019

Hello supporters!

The campaign is now over and I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who contributed! While I didn't reach my goal, I did make enough to get underway! First orders of sauce will be shipping this week, while orders that included a shirt will be shipping next week as I'm waiting on the shirts to arrive.


Once again thank you to everyone! The full website will be update soon and regular sales will begin then, so gives us a like on facebook https://www.facebook.com/drwelshs and I'll let you know when that happens!


Also, for everyone in VIC, I'm trying to organise a cheeky launch party soon so stay tuned for that!


 - CJ



April 8, 2019

So happy to announce our near final packaging is ready to go!


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