Lets take the “Coasts own Brand” to the rest of Australia

Ended on April 23rd 2019

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We are so proud of what we've achieved, let's show the rest of Australia what the Coast can do..


drøm kids tee or tank

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The drøm grøm tees and tanks. We'll contact you to discuss design and sizes.

drøm kids long sleeve tee

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The coolest kids LST on the market. We'll contact you to discuss design and sizes.

drøm hat and sticker pack

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How good is a package of a drøm hat, pack of 4 drøm stickers and one of our "Live the Dream" wrist bands.

drom adult Long Sleeve Tee

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One of our really cool long sleeve tees. We'll contact you to discuss design and sizes.

$50.00 drom gift voucher

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Birthday coming up? No better gift for that hard to please friend or family member than a drøm gift voucher.

drom winter hoodies

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You'll be ready for winter in one of our warm hoodies. We'll contact you to discuss design and sizes.

drøm mates rates discount card

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Become a drøm mate and receive a 20% discount on all purchases for one year! Think of the savings, and valid through the next Christmas season.

Silver sponsor

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You know how much we appreciate your support so this includes a long sleeve tee, mates rates discount card and a shout out on our social media platforms.

design your own drøm deck

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Your kids will love you with this one! We'll help them design a skate deck and have it made - now that's cool.

design a drøm shirt and share the profits.

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Budding fashion designer? Well show us what you can do. Design your own unique drøm shirt. We'll print one for you to wear, plus we'll print and sell 10 others and you'll receive $10.00 for each of your shirts sold (subject to some conditions).

Got what it takes to be a drøm model?

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Have some fun and become a drøm model for the day, and maybe longer. We'll do a photo shoot with you, the kids, or even the whole family rocking your drøm gear. We'll post on our social media (only if you approve), website and newsletter. And we'll give you a USB of all the pics for you to use.

Gold Sponsorship

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Our gold sponsorship includes a kids long sleeve tee, adult long sleeve tee, hoodie, hat, mates rates discount card and a shout out on our social media platforms and website.

Black and White premium sponsorship

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Yes of course the Black and White is our top award. This includes 5 drøm items of your choice, mates rates discount card and a shout out on our social media platforms, newsletter and a permanent sponsors listing on our website and in related marketing.

Hit the town with Mr drom in the company D VAN

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Be chauffeur driven around by Gary Berman, also known as Mr drøm for the night in our very recognisable, 8 seater, drøm vehicle, the D Van. You and 6 friends can have a night to remember and your chauffeur will be there to take you to the locations of your choice (a few conditions apply). Better than an Uber...

All of the above offers

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For our really awesome supporters, you know we love you... You guys get pretty much most of the above clothes, a 40% discount card valid for one year, drøm photo shoot for family or friends, design a deck and shout outs as premium sponsors on all social media, newsletter and website. and don't forget, we love you...

drom Clothing

Flexible Funding
business New South Wales, Australia

Our Story So Far

drøm was created by Gary Berman over 3 years ago in a small shop in Woy Woy on the NSW Central Coast.

After 20 successful years as a hotel general manager, Gary left to develop and launch an award winning accommodation website. Unfortunately, things changed  dramatically when the website was taken over by a competitor. Losing everything, he was forced to start over at age 56.

Gary spent time reigniting his old passion of photography, and with friends requesting to buy them, he decided to take it a step further and opened a small gallery in Avoca Beach. It was here he realised that for such a strong surf culture, the Central Coast had no brand to call their own, and thought a clothing line might be welcomed.

Knowing little about clothing or fashion, he began printing his local coastal images onto t-shirts, and after much trial and error the shirts evolved and moved to a black and white colour scheme with clean, fresh and simple designs. Initially created as men’s fashion, the range has expanded to include childrens and womens wear.



Our Success to Date

Today,  drøm is proud of what this little brand has achieved and continually amazed and humbled by the support of the Coast and Hunter communities.

Apart from extensive activity throughout the Central Coast and Newcastle, drøm has also achieved success at venues up and down the East Coast.

The brand has been worn and supported  by stars like tennis champion Nick Kygios and musician Kasey Chambers, however it is their local community sponsorships that drom is most proud of.  Supplying gear for local football teams, bands, dance crews, skaters, scooter riders and more, is a mission drøm undertakes to enable young people to also follow their dreams .



The Next Step

drøm, “The Coast’s Own Brand”, is now well placed to expand and to show Australia what the Central Coast can produce.

While we will stay on the Coast, we also want to take advantage of the many opportunities presenting themselves. 

These include recent entry to the Sydney Royal Easter show, wholesaling requests from a number of shops, large festival and event invitations and markets and shopping centre pop-ups country wide.

So we’d like you to join us on this journey by taking up one of the rewards on this new platform designed for the small business sector.   

You can purchase drøm gear, drøm experiences, sponsorship packages and other one off offers. 

All the funds drøm receives will be used for growth of an awesome brand.

Remember you’ll be shopping local and supporting a true Aussie business.

As drøm says “LIVE THE DREAM”


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