Discover a new scent every month

Ended on June 12th 2022

pledged of $10,000AU

The only way to discover designer fragrances each month without the luxury markup.

Scenttribe is a monthly perfume subscription service for savvy women & men who enjoy luxury designer brands but don’t want to pay the markup. Each month, you will receive an 8ml travel-size atomizer in an elegant case re-bottled with your chosen scent. There are hundreds of fragrances to choose from, so it’s easy to find the perfect scent for any occasion! You’ll get access to all the luxury brands, without the high prices. 









What We Need & What You Get

Your contribution will support our start-up in the following areas;

1. Purchase an inventory of fragrances for men & women. Our target goal is to reach 350 fragrances for men & women on stage 1 & 500 fragrances on stage 2

2. Purchase suppliers such as travel-size atomisers, packages and marketing materials3. Allocate some funds for digital marketing to gain more subscribers and spread the word

In return, if you back us you will receive the following;

1. Scents of your choice from our online store

2. Free travel-size atomiser case with each item

3. Free delivery to your doorstepContributors will start receiving their orders after the campaign is completed and a new inventory is received to provide more selections.

The Impact

We want everyone to be able to enjoy designer brands and niche fragrances, without having to spend a lot of money. Confidence and smelling good shouldn’t have to be expensive.

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