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Ended on December 31st 2017

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Seeking funding as a freelancer for a creative content writing/editing business

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Words to the Wealthy and the Wise…..

Contribute to Creativity!

Enjoy the satisfaction of supporting a creative-minded and talented person to fulfil a lifelong ambition of becoming  a professional Freelance Writer and Creative Content Director. I have the dedication and the drive to succeed, I just need the funds to realise the dream!



WHAT Services will I Provide?


A comprehensive collection of marketing and communication solutions for all size companies, over different industries and across most mediums:


Diverse Content Creation and Imagery

Feature Articles or Editorials


Unique and Flawless Website Content with SEO Focus


Various Marketing Collateral 


Check out my new Company page on LinkedIn and take the time to like and follow!



 WHY I am a worthwhile candidate…..

I began my working career as a frustrated university student who was forced to give up midway through a Journalism/Sociology degree (due to lack of financial means). Making this current opportunity to become a professional creative writer, a much-delayed and desperately desired, chance of a lifetime.



Qualified, not only from an entire life spent writing (simply for the sheer pleasure of it), but also through the extensive experience gleaned by spending 20 years working in related fields.

I unashamedly confess to being an unrepentant lexophile who loves to write and I do so with a talent and enthusiasm that’s hard to match.


I desperately wish to make my passion my profession and know I’ll be forever regretful if I don’t at least try to slake this burning ambition!


I’m ardently hoping, through some miracle of human kindness and generosity, I’m able to take this rare chance to lead the life I truly believe I was born for. A life driven by the passionate fury of a creative soul, a spirit finally free to find a lasting personal and professional contentment.

I may never be a true literary heavyweight but I honestly believe that I can bring the beauty of language and the art of expression to something as commonplace as business marketing and make it mean something, not just for myself but for all my prospective clients.





Aside from many years spent crafting business communications of all kinds for different companies (in various roles), I also spent 6 years working as a Product Specialist for several top-tier, international travel brands. 

This was my first foray into writing commercial copy and I thoroughly enjoyed ongoing participation (across differing mediums) in both local and national marketing campaigns. You can check out my credentials by clicking on this LinkedIn Link .

This strengthened my determination to – eventually – make a living as a creative writer and provided a great foundation for my current professional aspirations.

I wholeheartedly welcome the creative quality of life as a freelance writer and communications specialist but must admit to a certain level of apprehension with regard to my lack of financial security now that I’m out on my own! 



I’ve been privileged to work with many great companies in diverse industries; creating everything from short and snappy taglines to lengthy and detailed feature articles or press releases. From weekly blogs to dedicated newsletters and everything in between, I’m confident in saying that there isn’t a topic you can conceive of that I can’t write about!


Truthfully, I’m simultaneously elated and terrified at the prospect of full-time freelancing as I’m used to having the security net of an employed position. On one hand, it’s my passion and I’m delighted to explore the unfettered freedom of life as a freelance writer. Conversely, I’m waking up with night terrors every time I think about the expenses which are rapidly piling up while I’m establishing myself!




The are an astonishing number of associated expenses when it comes to setting yourself up as a freelance business. While I have absorbed the costs of many things, there are some others which I’m unable to tackle on my own.

So all and any contributions will be most welcome!

§ Buying new printer and consumables

§ Printing business cards and producing other marketing collateral

§ Website/Domain maintenance including initial SEO optimisation (will be taking a course on how to do it for myself so will only be an initial outlay and occasional cost to ensure I’m remaining relevant and compliant)

§ Email hosting service

§ Professional Accounting:

           1.  Personal accountant to assist with set up including tax                            registration, legislation compliance, relevent business                              indemnity etc 

           2.  Plus suitable accounting software to keep track of income                      when it comes (and I have great faith it will eventually!) Of                      course, I’ll be keeping a tight reign on my ever-present                            expenses until things even out somewhat (SO sadly there                      are no exotic holidays in the making for quite a while yet!)


§ Subscriptions to relevant marketing/media platforms and resource sites; Buzzsumo, LinkedIn Premium, Infusionsoft, Hubspot CRM (Client Relationship Software to keep an updated customer database)


§ Advertising; Google Adwords, LinkedIn, FaceBook plus Memberships to various other platfforms which should enable a level of marketing through social media avenues


§ Resource materials for professional development; books, subscriptions and hopefully courses (‘m already undertaking some free Google Digital Marketing training and devouring every other free resource avialable to me)



This is where you come in! Please support my life-changing choice and in doing so create a thriving new Australian small business.

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