CrabX Mudcrab Basket

Ended on September 18th 2017

pledged of $50,000AU

CrabX is designed to provide a safer and reduced handling technique of holding mudcrabs.

Mark Short

Flexible Funding
business Queensland, Australia

My name is Mark from North Queensland, I am an ex-commercial fisherman and keen crabber!

And I was SICK of tieing crabs for my mates who couldn’t tie them up.


So I decided to create something to eliminate the need to tie crabs at all…. Something that is easy to use for all ages, that also helps keep fingers safe from crab nippers…

Then I designed and created a prototype, then tested and tried my CrabX mudcrab basket…. and it worked…!

The CrabX mudcrab basket is one large basket with 10 individual containers to house the mudcrabs and lock them in,  and also perfect for transport in the boat or car!

See my video on my Facebook page:

or go to our Website:

The crabs naturally move into the black individual containers and are then less stressed, less likely to drop a nipper, and less likely to die from excessive handling.

 CrabX is so simple to use, and is a much safer way to secure your catch of crabs.




The campaign goal is $50,000 to attempt to cover costs of the 2 large molds for plastic injection for the big and small baskets, plus initial start up costs involved in design and patents.

Our discounted price for those who contribute is $99 for the CrabX Mudcrab basket (inc GST)

 If you pledge $99 towards our fund, we will send you a unique discount code to use on our website to then claim your CrabX Mudcrab basket.



Thanks so much guys,

Happy Crabbing!

– Crabx Crew


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