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Clean Ocean Project Cleans is an NGO focusing on reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness.

Clean Ocean Project

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Environment Canarias, Spain

Over the past 20 years, Clean Ocean Project has initiated projects to inform and educate about plastic pollution and ocean conservation. We have joined the actions of other organisations on Fuerteventura, the Canary Islands, and abroad and have helped push for positive change by educating people about the issue of ocean waste and creating awareness toward more sustainable living.image

We have different projects within the organisation as Playa Pallet. Which is a wooden beach bin made out of recycled materials. We launched this project in 2018 to create a community concerned about the beach free of marine litter and who see the real problem on the coasts of the beaches. Playa Pallets are placed all over the island of Fuerteventura to nudge and motivate people to do beach cleanings daily. Playa pallet initiative has a significant potential to be easily applied to the coastline from any place. We are happy to know that a town, city, or organisation… wants to implement our project seeking to implement this 24/7 clean-up practice which can be more innovative and motivating since there is no need to organize regular cleaning campaigns.


Lately, our main focus is to stop the source of the pollution problem and close the tap. Recycling and reusing are good steps but if we want a clean ocean, we have to stop our single-use mentality. Therefore, Clean Ocean Project recently started with Clean Business. Clean Business is a certification given to companies committed to reducing their plastic footprint and making sustainability part of their menu. The certification is designed to communicate and create transparency between business and customer. By showcasing the commitments of each individual business, consumers will become more aware of the impact their money makes regarding the businesses they choose to support.image

Thanks to Clean Business and its QR code certificate, an inclusive eco-conscious community is created with behaviour patterns that support a transparent lifestyle like water. In where the information in the entire value chain by the establishments is reflected and where the customer is rewarded for bringing his own item in the case of wanting to take it away. The result is a reduction and even an elimination of single-use plastic.

Changing from Single-use to Re-use is not as difficult as we think, we just need to create a community that makes movement and environmental awareness!



We are all part of the problem and the solution. Get involved and help us keep the ocean clean.


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