Children make the difference to the natural world

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You can make a way bigger difference to the future of our planet than you think!


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Be recognised as founder of the "Love for the natural world" - Children's Development Program.

Your name will appear on the Dream Foundation website under the program updates and when the program is established on the program website.

Be recognised for getting started, a global movement of eloquent child advocates for the natural world, who restore humanities' love for nature.

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Dream Development for Children

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Children play key a role in design, development and delivery for the various program elements of the Children's Development Program, "Love for the natural world" -- the target of this crowdfunding campaign.

Donors can give this to their Children, as a gift. Or to children of family or friends, aged 3 to 18 years.

Work with program designers, as a fully respected team member that includes performing artists, writers, geologists, biologists, ecologists, historians and cognitive scientists.

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Dream Foundation Australia Ltd

Flexible Funding
Sustainability New South Wales, Australia

Children make the difference to the natural world” is the Dream of Chris Rourke who is a 67 year old authentic Australian character.  

Read about Chris on the Dream Foundation Website 

The project is intergenerational, designed to become part of the fabric of society, thus to last as long as human beings inhabit this world.  

We are raising funds for the part of the project that empowers children to be advocates. It is Children’s Development Program – “Love for the natural world”.  You may download the program outline from our website here

As a special CrowdFunding reward, we are offering places to children to be a revered and respected member of the design and delivery team with leading practitioners in education, humanities, arts and sciences in the Children’s Program Development.

How the funds will be used

As proof of effectiveness, we will work a small group of children to:

  • Explore and shape their individual and unique view of the natural world, why they care, and what they love
  • Develop their own self-expression of the natural world in conversation, artistic expression such as music, poetry and art
  • Support them to have impactful conversations about caring for natural world with their parents, family, teachers, friends and classmates

We will film the impact and experience of these conversations, as children develop advocacy of the world that they wish to inherit, and publish the results for you to see.


Coaching Rewards

We have designed a unique CrowdFunding Rewards program that offers coaching on matters dear to people’s hearts and in business, delivered by some of the worlds foremost trainers who are based in Sydney and Silicon Valley.

The guide to CrowdFunding Rewards is downloadable from our website here

We have designed a mutually beneficial space for community contribution and reward that goes beyond finance, it is to support people and realise futures.

Read about the model on the contribution page of our website.


Reality of what human civilisation is doing to the natural world

Our well being, in our every day lives is affected by the devastating impact humanity is having on the natural world. If unabated the impact is so severe we will eventually make our planet uninhabitable for future generations. image

 If we take the time to look, we can see devastating impacts of our stewardship:

These things do not operate in isolation but work together to destroy species, clean air, clean water, land, AND ultimately us.

Many in political power are invested in denial of reality to favour the industries that are causing the vast majority of the damage. We cannot count on most corporations to care and do anything. Our society educates populations to thoughtlessly consume resources and not care about the natural world.

Yet the magnitude of this problem is of human civilisation itself. Only holistic long term, intergenerational, global systems solutions will have any real impact. 


The role of children in our future 


Our Dreamer Chris Rourke’s idea is to empower children to wake us up, to lobby their parents and others about the impacts we are having on climate, life and the natural world. 


Children with their love of the natural world can lead us to think of simple things that we are too blind to see and to imagine, and the wonders that we are too cynical to believe.


The program operates around natural habitats. It runs as a unique training and development for children to experience the love of nature and learn the science, natural and human history of the habitat. Then children are trained to become eloquent advocates for the nurture, growth and sustainability of the habitat.

This is a self sustaining learning structure, as children pass on their learning, development and training to their children. Through the advocacy of children, embedding our love for the natural world as a guide, we design, create value, and impact societies systems. 

Systemic alteration occurs collaboratively with local community near the habitat and looks to find synergies between humans and nature, that benefits both the habitat and the community

Having sustainable systems means – energy supply, transport, housing, technology, water supply and building wetlands and forests near our cities and towns. It includes economic redesign to move wealth back into communities.

We aim to copy this model planet-wide, connect those communities in global collaborations and extending economic cooperation.

The advocacy by Children, with their unique expression, will arise in forming authentic innovation and communication organisations lead by children (with adults being accountable to them).

Peter Senge, who teaches sustainability at MIT, and is globally famous for seminal work on systems thinking and learning organisations, says that children have innate systems thinking ability — click the link Systems thinking for a better world.

On restoring our love for the natural world


  • The refreshment of drinking cool pure water from a crystal clear spring
  • The freshness of mountain air
  • The stillness and noises of the forest
  • Running their hands through rich, fertile topsoil
  • Seeing wildflowers bloom and explode across the landscape
  • The black bear in the stream catching jumping salmon


There was a time when there were no human beings around to wonder and marvel at nature.

Now as the elder generations, the guardians of this planet, we are doubly blessed if we choose to give these gifts to the youngest generation.

This is the heart of nurture where the future of our planet is renewed and revived for humanity.


Who are the children that make the difference?

  • They have wide direct experience of, and love the natural world
  • They are aware of the reality of the state of the natural world
  • They are aware of societal structures and behaviours impacting the natural world
  • They developed innate systems thinking ability to holistically consider our world
  • They are eloquent, passionate advocates for the joys of the natural world
  • They collaborate in communities to invent ideas the world has never seen before 

Dream Foundation is facilitating the design of such a program that will happen in local habitats in local communities.

Subsequently, children will play key roles in nurturing and growing the habitats and sustainable villages, towns and cities.  

Grass roots beginning

In a systemic approach that can be easily copied and spread we plan to:

  • Preserve, nurture and grow natural habitats 
  • Create truly sustainable villages, towns and cities, around habitats
  • Be smarter and way more creative than the industry that is destroying the natural world
  • Organise globally and effectively
  • Be learners throughout the journey, a through inventiveness find the way to deliver outcomes

Impacting society at large

When communities in many sustainable villages, towns and (eventually) cities are connected and linked together in economic collaboration, it becomes possible to restructure entire markets and industries towards nurturing communities and habitats as single local systems. 



How we will achieve our promised outcome

The funds create a project with enduring integrity of a timeless mission: that the love of nature, freely expressed by children determines the future of the natural world.

 Specifically funding will support people to work with children:

  • Specialists for program design of experiential, science, and historical elements
  • Performing artists and writers to teach artistic expressions of nature
  • Great teachers and cognitive scientists for nurturing children’s development
  • Filmmaking
  • Creation of ongoing governance of the intention and good spirit of the project

The program design outline is here:


Moving into local community

The next stage is even more challenging to systemically nurture and grow the habitat and a sustainable local community. Children become major advocates for creating sustainable systems and expanding natural habitats.


Approximate project evolution timeline 

                Now                                 April – June  2017              From July 2017             From Jan 2018      

image             Wake up!                            Program Design             Nurture Habitat            Sustainabie Town


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2 comments on “Children make the difference to the natural world

S  Simon Wood

It looks nice, but I have 2 comments as feedback:

(1) it’s quite long. So long that I didn’t read it all. I, for one, would like more specifics in the first few paragraphs. That way I’d know whether to give money or other support or not.

(2) I disagree with part of it that to me is crucial: the claim about politicians. Then negative stuff I read there is true of rightwing politicians. However, it’s not true of leftwing politicians, e.g. the Australian Greens (who got 16% of first preference votes in a poll that I read about a few days ago). Also, who is in government is determined by voters. This is why I focus on educating my fellow human beings about issues, so they know which politicians will give them a world they’ll be happier with….

At this time, I prefer not to give money or promote this cause, because of what it claims about (leftwing) politicians, because I believe that building support for leftwing politicians is one of the most effective ways to increase peace, equality, human rights and environmental sustainability – all of which are conducive to happiness.

J  James Ryan


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