Chicken Supreme


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A food truck bringing delicious smoked chicken meals for those hungry and on the go.

Chicken Supreme

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Food New South Wales, Australia

It all began with a smoker gifted to my husband for Father's day 2019. This was very quickly put to good use and as it turns out, I have a talent for creating a succulent smoky chicken that delights any and all that have sampled the fare. 

My daughter and I very quickly realised that gaining a food truck to share our chicken wraps, burgers and cheesecakes (amongst other food) with those who need something a little different on the go.

We have all seen the rise in the popularity of the smoked barbecue food and this would be an ideal opportunity to take this to the heart of Maitland NSW which is a rapidly growing area. We are fortunate here in that we have wine country on our doorstep and the local steamfest and food and wine fairs are always a big hit.

Yes, 2020 has hit many people hard but there is always a need for food and the beauty of the industry is that you are able to quickly move with the times. We will be able to change with the seasons and we will be able to continually adapt our food to the changing needs and wants of the public. The beauty of the food truck is the fact that we can move from place to place and we are able to go where the crowds are. 

I have been fortunate enough to serve as an aged care nurse for the last 16 years and so I have become adept at finding creative solutions to problems and thinking on my feet. It has come time though to find my feet elsewhere and bring some joy to the general public with good food that satisfies the soul.

Smoky chicken has got potential and there is always room for delicious food that has a hint of old fashioned nanna cooking. I may be that little bit older but I have experience with life and it is time to get out there and share my cooking with the world. This is my passion and something I would love people to share in.


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