Bread Shed

Ended on July 15th 2018

pledged of $6,000AU

Imagine fresh baked bread delivered to your doorstep.

What is Bread Shed?

Bread Shed literally started in the shed and it’s bloody good bread! I want to take this venture a little further and with your help I can hopefully do this. I am looking at raising funds to purchase an oven and spiral dough mixer to allow me to bake 12 loaves of bread at a time, also it will allow me to put money back into setting up a micro-bakery. 

I have been making bread for family and friends for the past few years now and I am always looking to make the perfect loaf, I hope that passion never stops.

I also teach bread making at the local WEA and I encourage people to make their own bread at home – it’s very rewarding. There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh bread.

I’d love to build Bread Shed into a recognisable name that people will get to know and produce bread that tastes devine. 











What do you get in return for your dough’nation? Freshly baked bread delivered to your door! 

*** I need to keep this local for this to work at the beginning, so please keep in mind if you’d like to help out and take up one of the pledges that involve delivery you need to be within a 5k radius of Woonona (i.e. STARTER, RISE and CRUST  pledges)***


If you are not within the 5km area and still wish to help out, then you can do this by making a Dough’Nation. As the business grows, the delivery area grows.

How much bread you will receive depends on the pledge you take.


So how is this going to work?

STARTER become a founding member of the Bread Shed!  This is the largest pledge with the greatest rewards. You get one loaf of bread delivered on the weekend for the next 10 months (Saturday or Sunday options). With this pledge you automatically become a CRUSTY aswell (check out the CRUSTY benefits below). You will also receive bread offers and updates on a weekly basis. 

imageRISE – This pledge will give you one loaf of bread on the weekend for the next 5 months (Saturday or Sunday options). With this pledge you automatically become a CRUSTY as well (check out the CRUSTY benefits below). You will also receive bread offers and updates on a weekly basis. 


CRUST –  This pledge gives you your first loaf free and you automatically become a CRUSTY to get 10% off any future Bread Shed orders. Becoming a CRUSTY will also give you the satisfaction of helping out this micro-bakery. You will also receive bread offers and updates on a weekly basis. 


DOUGH’NATION – For those bread lovers who would like to see the Bread Shed get up & running, you can make any size Dough’Nation that will help me upgrade equipment for baking and ingredients to keep me going. You will also receive bread offers and updates on a weekly basis. 


Any of the above pledges will help me expand and become a micro-bakery with the goal of delivering local, freshly baked bread to your door.


How do I become a CRUSTY?

You either become a CRUSTY by making one of the above pledges (STARTER, RISE, CRUST) or by being invited by an existing CRUSTY  (i.e. a founding member).

As a CRUSTY you will receive your first loaf free and then 10% off future Bread Shed orders. You will also be kept in the loop of any new breads being baked for future purchase.

There are only a limited amount of CRUSTY members at the moment, with the intention of growing CRUSTY membership as the business grows.


Where do the funds go?

The Bread Shed needs two items:

1. A Rofco oven which can bake 12 loaves of bread at one time. It’s a stone based oven baking beautiful crusty bread. It’s the ‘go to’ oven for micro bakeries.

2. A Rofco spiral mixer which will allow me to make as much dough as I need for the weekend bake.



The Crumbs…

So what happens if the campaign goal isn’t reached? This is an All or Nothing campaign which means your pledge will only be charged if the campaign goal is reached.  

In saying this, my heart is in this project to make it work, whether it’s on a small scale or to make it grow into something bigger.

So let’s make some bread – become a CRUSTY and start enjoying the delights of freshly baked bread delivered to your door!


July 24, 2018

Hi all 


can you please check bank accounts as one pledge patron (lovely people) had money taken out of account. They are getting refunded but what a pain. Cheers 

July 17, 2018

Hi all 

I just wanted to thank everyone who supported this campaign, unfortunately it didn't make the target but onwards and upwards. I have decided to lease an oven for 12mths and see if this venture will work, i'm sure it will with your input and hopefully I can deliver yummy bread every week to your door.


Thanks again and keep in mind that your money will be returned so I suggest you do something lovely with it, buy yourself or your loved one something special.





July 3, 2018

Bread Shed so far

Well we have 12 days left with 13 backers so far so thanks very much for all you lovely people that have made a contribution in some way.

No matter what the outcome is I am dedicated to get some bread to you at some stage, I just think it will take a little longer to build the business as I imagine it.

In saying that I am looking at the possability of hiring an oven should the campaign not reach the target and will have bread delivered to you soon as possible.


thanks again for your support and if the target doesn;t reach then you don't get charged, so buy some wine or fine food with the money...cheers



June 16, 2018

Hi fellow CRUSTY's

First a massive thanks to all of you for your part in the campaign so far, it's going smoothly and I am closer to getting you your first loaf.

I just wanted to touch base really and thank you for your pledges, and will keep you updated as it progresses.





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