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Eco Sustainable Fragrances - Beautiful Perfumes that are Good for Human Health and the Environment

One Travel Size Parfum Spray of Your Choice (Size 9.5ml)

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Choose your new signature scent, from the following parfum sprays;
Amyris Vetiver – A fresh, dewy rain scent, refreshing and invigorating.
Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang – A delicate floral scent, with a hint of glamour.
Tangerine Cardamon Lavender – A sparkling citrus scent, to brighten any occasion.
Geranium Rose – A sophisticated fragrance, combining the beauty of rose and geranium with the warmth of vetiver and patchouli.
Peta Ann Signature Parfum Spray – A crisp, fresh scent with warmth.
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L’elixir Rose Radiance Mist Spray 100ml

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This Rose extract-based marvel is both ultra-lightweight and easily absorbed, leaves no discernible residue on the skin, while defends against environmental pollutants. L’elixir Rose Radiance Mist/Spray contains naturally derived ECTOIN, which forms an Ectoin-Hydro-Complex on skin therewith providing a protection for skin against external agents like air-borne allergens and pollutants.

For the full list of ingredients, visit our website.

RRP$64.50 Special Offer $50 (free shipping).
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Discovery Collection

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Embrace love, positive energy, individuality, effervescence and adventure - wherever you go!

This beautiful pack contains 5ml bottles of the following parfum sprays from our collection:
Amyris Vetiver
Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang
Tangerine Cardamon Lavender
Geranium Rose
Peta Ann Signature Parfum Spray
Total 25ml. RRP $89.90 - Special Offer $70 (free shipping).

For the full list of ingredients, visit our website.
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A Set of One Travel Size Parfum & L'elixir Rose Mist

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A perfect set for yourself or a loved one to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated throughout the day and a travel size Parfum Spray.
Choose one from the following selection of parfum sprays (9.5ml bottle);
Amyris Vetiver
Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang
Tangerine Cardamon Lavender
Geranium Rose
Peta Ann Signature Parfum

Combined with the L’elixir Rose Radiance Mist Spray (100 ml).

Special offer of $90 (free shipping).
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A Set of Discovery Collection & L'elixir Rose Mist Spray

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An indulgent set for someone you love, or the perfect way to spoil yourself!

The Discovery Collection contains 5ml bottles of the following parfum sprays from our range:
Amyris Vetiver
Frangipani Neroli Ylang Ylang
Tangerine Cardamon Lavender
Geranium Rose
Peta Ann Signature Parfum Spray

Combined with the L’elixir Rose Radiance Mist Spray (100 ml).

Special offer of $100 (free shipping).
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Jungle Dew (Allergen Free) Eau De Parfum 60ml

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Feel alive, be refreshed, this is ever-green scent!

Inspired by a simple pleasure of walking in a jungle or in a lush-green forest, a revitalizing freshness with sweet-woody notes of Amyris, layered with dewy green leaves of Patchouli.

Ingredients: Sugarcane Alcohol, Parfum (Natural), Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) oil, Vetiveria zizanioides (Vetiver) Root oil, Balsamifera Bark (Amyris) oil, and Aqua.

RRP $131.89 Special Offer: $119 (free shipping).
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Danse des Fleurs Parfum Spray 60ml

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Discover a bouquet of flowers that takes the wearer of this perfume on a journey to witness the dance of flowers. With freshly washed hair, as you stroll across the flower fields, laughter, relaxation and nature mingle with a fresh and uplifting scent. This floral scent is contemporary and modern, joyful and playful with a complex character of Orange Blossoms and Frangipani.

RRP $131.89 Special Offer: $119 (free shipping).

For the full list of ingredients, visit our website.
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The Enduring Lure of Perfume…

Our use of fragrances is steeped in the history of civilisation. Perfumes were first created by grinding and blending aromatic plants, resins, herbs and spices into oils and were worn on the skin. These oils were once as precious as gold. One of history’s most notable beauties – Cleopatra is known for how she wielded power through the art of scent. We have used fragrances throughout time to express something about us, to reflect our taste, personality and values, capture our mood, and give others a scent to remember us by….

That’s the beauty of having a signature scent that lingers…. match your mood and enhance it with the five fragrances in Discovery Collection by Belle’Botanique.

While our love and use of fragrances has endured, times have indeed changed, and many perfumes  today are created using synthetic aroma-chemical  blends to replicate these once purely natural, luxurious and ethereal scents.


In most animals, the sense of smell is absolutely crucial for survival, reproduction, and rearing of young. Although humans can survive without smell, research has shown that losing the sense of smell negatively impacts quality and experience of life. 

Science has shown that people with a poor sense of smell have higher rates of death, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. Sense of smell is often an integral part of our memory.

According to a 2013 study titled the ‘Role of Perfumes in Pathogenesis of Autism’, Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are developmental conditions. The study, which examined both heredity and environmental factors, found that the alarming rise in ASD incidences worldwide over the last three decades closely parallels the exponential rise of synthetic perfume use on a global level. In fact, the study revealed that genetic heritability accounted for 38% of ASD cases compared to environmental factors which accounted for 58%. An analysis of neuroblastoma cell lines indicates that exposure to femtomolar concentrations of various perfumes leads to damage, mutagenesis, and neuromodulations in human fetal brain cell development. Interestingly, one of the key facets of autism include impaired function of smell and the inability to discriminate between unique scents. As the perfume industry is exempt from disclosing ingredients under the Labeling Act of 1973, it is virtually impossible for consumers to assess what synthetic chemicals they are applying to their skin and the associated health risks that may ensue.

A Rose Under Any Other Name, Would Not Be As Sweet…

According to research conducted by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, the perfume industry has a staggering 3,100 of stock chemicals to choose from when producing perfumes.  The research also revealed that when testing perfumes, it found “38 secret chemicals in 17 name brand fragrance products” which were not listed on the label.  Shockingly, according to their tests, “the average fragrance product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label. Among them were chemicals associated with hormone disruption and allergic reactions.”

Belle’Botanique Natural Ingredients

At Belle’Botanique we believe everyone deserves a perfume that connects you to positive memories, a perfume that can help express your individuality, and make you feel happy, calm and rejuvenated. We create life-style enhancing perfumes from the aromatic treasures of nature to infuse wellbeing into life, without harming your health and the environment.  

Researched & Theorized Benefits of Ingredients



What Would You Want to Put on Your Skin?



Introducing Belle’Botanique and our Range of Allergen Free, Environmentally Conscious,  Non-Toxic & Natural Perfumes

Combining an artisan craft with modern science…

Thanks to Belle’Botanique, there is a way to for us all to wear our favourite scents and take care of our skin without having a negative impact on our health, or the environment. Belle’Botanique uses natural products, in combination with green-chemistry to create products you can trust, and which keep your health and that of the environment at heart.  

G E R A N I U M R O S E Parfum Spray

The main character of the fragrance is carried in the heart where the floral balance of geranium and rose damask is delicately wrapped in incense and warm woody notes of vetiver and patchouli, giving the fragrance refinement and depth.

F R A N G I P A N I , N E R O L I & Y L A N G Y L A N G Parfum Spray

Unmistakable and captivating, a delicate floral for the modern woman. Fresh neroli entwined with warm notes of ylang ylang flowers. The heart is a vivacious combination of frangipani with a sweet hint of vanilla, which complements the initial sparkle. This fragrance is a statement of femininity, elegance and glamour.

T A N G E R I N E , C A R D A MO M &  L A V E N D E R Parfum Spray

This fragrance is bursting with creativity & joy. A sparkling citrus fragrance opens with zesty tangerine and hints of fresh cardamom. These notes are then accompanied by a soothing heart of lavender, adding to the depth and rhythm of this fine fragrance, capable of brightening up any occasion.

A MY R I S  V E T I V E R Parfum Spray 

This is a fragrance of unbridled freedom into nature, which takes you far beyond any confines and pollution of the city life. It brings to mind the scent of lush green forests and rain. The fragrance opens with fresh, woody and green notes of amyris and vetiver. It is accentuated by a fresh floral heart and patchouli, developing into a refreshing and rejuvenating scent of rain.


P E T A – A N N Parfum spray

Peta-Ann Jain, a well-known artist and co-founder of Belle’Botanique, has beautifully created a luxury natural fragrance that celebrates the sensuality of the modern woman. As a signature scent, the perfume opens with a crisp aromatic lift of fresh notes of bergamot and coriander, which combines to accentuate the deep heart of jasmine and lilly.

A Selection of Perfumes Good for You and Good for the Planet…


Rewards based Campaign

Our campaign is rewards based. We are providing you with extra – special introductory offers, and we deliver worldwide. By selectecting and paying for an offer, you are helping us to reach broader market.

You are contributing towards a better world and reducing toxic burden on human health and the environment.

Our Team


Manoj Jain: Director, Research and Development

“Consumers worldwide have been looking for high quality and high performing natural skincare products at an economical price to answer skin specific needs, that would not alter or compromise natural physiological mechanism and barrier properties of the skin.

We’ve responded by introducing a range of products using safe botanical ingredients backed by strong scientific studies and proven efficacy. It is our foundational value to develop our business and products in a way that respects human health and the environment, and the rich biodiversity of nature.”


imageProfessor Peter Howe: Advisor, Strategic Scientific Development

Peter is Professor of Clinical Nutrition at the University of Southern Queensland, Emeritus Professor at the University of Newcastle, Adjunct Professor at the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia. Peter is the Chairperson of the TGA’s Advisory Committee for Complementary Medicines and a Fellow of the Nutrition Society of Australia. Peter advises on strategic scientific developments for Belle’Botanique Pty Ltd.


imagePeta-Ann Jain: Perfume Designer & Creative Developments

“I have created perfumes in Belle’Botanique to inspire and enrich experiences of life, as a way to bring wholeness in your modern busy world. I hope these perfumes will strengthen your natural connection with the living world of plants, herbs, flowers and woods – the vibrant spectrum of living scents.”


About this Campaign

Great things are happening in skincare, haircare and natural perfumery research at Belle’Botanique. We have several perfumes ready for launch and are currently engaged in further research into sensitive skin. Belle’Botanique acknowledges the fact that more and more people globally have concerns related to skin sensitivity.


As a backer of our campaign, you will receive the first batch of our artisan natural perfumes! Your pledge will assist  us to present our products to retailers, further our research and bring our product range to the retail market.


Select Your Special Offer, and Please Support Our Campaign!


Shipping & Dispatch

Note: We will start to dispatch the orders from 1 July, 2019 onwards in exchange of the pledges made earlier, we will fulfil all the orders to honour your pledges within 15 days from the end of this campaign. If you require your ordered items delivered sooner, please email us and we will do our best to ship the order to you earlier.

For all rewards, shipping is free. 


Make our new allergen free & natural perfumes part of your daily healthy-beauty routine!






Disclaimer: Belle’Botanique products are cosmetic in nature and application. They are not therapeutic and are for external cosmetic use only. Belle’Botanique products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition. Natural perfumery raw materials, essential oils  and botanical extracts may contain compounds which are inherently present, and may not be suitable for you skin. If an allergic reaction occurs, discontinue the use of the product.


For your information – research references:

[i]Review Biological Activities and Safety of Citrus spp. Essential Oils Noura S. Dosoky 1 and William N. Setzer  ID Aromatic Plant Research Center, Department of Chemistry, University of Alabama 

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