Baudins legacy: the unpublished maps

Ended on July 15th 2018

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To show the unpublished map of 1910 which fixed the French names on the map of Australia.


Personal invitation to the map presentation conference

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Personal invitation for 2 to the map presentation conference (in English) in each city crossed, and book signing of the book in French by its authors. Alizée and Patrick will take as much time as the organization allows to personally discuss with the guests.

Private conference in a museum or institution

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Private conference in English and book signing in French in a museum or institution in each city crossed (in this photo, Alizée during a private conference at the South Australian Maritime Museum in Adelaide).

Terre Australe Volume 1 ebook offered

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Get the first volume of the Terre Australe trilogy (Terra Australis) in ebbok version. It is available immediately in French and will be available in English from January 2019.

Offered signed book

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A copy of the book Terre Australe, signed by the authors, will be offered to contributors. Either in French during the tour in Australia, or in English, personally sent in February.

VIP Gastronomic Event

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Invitation for two people to a VIP conference for two people and a gastonomic preview. In addition to the book offered and personally signed by the authors, guests will discover for the first time the recipes of Bistr'Australia: the best recipes of French bistronomy adapted with purely Australian products, prepared by the French-Australian chef Alexis Braconnier, with the collaboration of the Paul Bocuse Institute.

Institut Nicolas Baudin

Flexible Funding
Events Tasmania, Australia

Since 2015 the founders of the Institut Nicolas Baudin, Alizée Chasse and Patrick Llewellyn, have been working on Terre Australe, a trilogy of books that relates the expeditions of Nicolas Baudin and Matthew Flinders to Australia in the early 1800s. While conducting their research, the authors discovered at the French National Library a totally new and forgotten map that is absolutely fundamental to the history of Australia. 


So what’s it all about?


If you look on a modern map of Australia you will find no fewer than 450 place-names of French origin! It all started in Paris in 1811 during the reign of Napoleon when the charts of the Baudin expedition were published in the form of an atlas. These were the first complete maps of Australia’s coastline. Subsequently, and somewhat controversially, many of the original French toponyms were replaced with English ones. In 1910, one hundred years after the publication of Baudin’s atlas and the year Australia selected Canberra as its federal capital, this cartographical slight was in some measure corrected when Alphonse de Fleurieu, a descendant of the man who organized the Baudin expedition, travelled to Australia to lobby for the restoration of numerous French names. He took with him a map, drawn by his own hand, which indicated in red the place-names he hoped to restore—and his efforts did not go unrewarded. This precious document was transferred to the French National Library archives in 1912 and hasn’t been displayed in public since.


The Institut Nicolas Baudin Institute will be presenting the Baudin map in Australia between November 2018 and January 2019.

For the first time ever, a digitized preview of this atlas will go on display in a cycle of free lectures open to the public in Perth/Fremantle, Albany, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart. An exhibition featuring the original maps is scheduled for 2019. This conference tour will build on the presentation and signature tour of the Terre Australe trilogy of books, with the support of the amazing French Books on Wheels. Events include the French-language festivals Bonjour Perth and So Frenchy So Chic. In Sydney and Canberra the map will be displayed alongside the last two remaining marine chronometers of the period. These horological devices were used to calculate longitude and thus ensure the accuracy of charts. One comes from the Baudin expedition, on loan from the Silent World Foundation, and the other from the Flinders expedition, held by the Sydney Observatory.


The discovery of the Baudin map, a fundamental piece of Australian history, deserves to be presented to the widest audience in as many Australian cities as possible. Of course this can only be done with sufficient funding, which we have estimated to be $20,000au. This figure includes costs relating to conference logistics and organization, and an advance on the translation of Terre Australe into English by Graham Maclachlan. By contributing to this fund, you will be helping us release to the world an extraordinary piece of history that illustrates the long-standing bond of friendship between Australia and France!

June 25, 2018

Here is a full page article published in Le Marin (Groupe Ouest-France) about the preparation of the expeditions of the Institut Nicolas Baudin.image

June 10, 2018

Here is the article that the Petit Journal devoted to us in its Melbourne edition. Don't forget to share our campaign in your social networks, and encourage your friends to make a pledge. 

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