Troopy vehicle triples our capacity to connecting with youth


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This photo is 3 participants, 2 facilitators and yes 4 working dogs at the feet of 3 of these people


All or Nothing
Community Victoria, Australia

BACKinTRACKtion is an initiative based in South Gippsland, Victoria, that enables young people (7-25yo) to come closer to themselves and the language being spoken behind their behaviour.

We venture out and about in nature, as well as activities on the farm... with a focus on working dog training. Up until now, we have been using my family car - a Subaru hatchback. We have outgrown it and we need your help to purchase our own BACKinTRACKtion 4WD vehicle that enables us to continue our mission ...

... that being, planting healthy, vibrant seeds of life in self, family and community.

As we move around .. with the dogs .. a key element is engaging in conversations, road trip games and story telling. We need a vehicle that keeps us together for this magic to happen.

BACKinTRACKtion provides opportunities to skill-up and give back to community. So, this Troopy vehicle moves 11 people and their working dogs to sheep dog trials,  camp outs, trips to rivers, beach and bush AND enables us to move materials for fencing, firewood and the like.

Your financial support is needed so we can grow and continue our much valued work in using a clear language to speak what is alive within, and hence, behaviour. falls away.

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