An automated booth for sunscreen protection

Ended on September 13th 2018

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An Aussie solution to an Aussie problem! Dangerous UV sunrays and poor sunscreen application

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External automatic sunscreen application booths


Applying sunscreen by hand can be awkward especially getting to hard to reach places and it can be difficult to determine if the skin has had enough protection applied. This was the initial problem I am trying to solve with this idea.

Being from Ireland, having a pale complexion & now living permanently in Perth`s hot climate, I am susceptible to getting burned very fast in any exposed areas of my skin that may have been missed while applying sunscreen. 

Skin cancer is also at an alarmingly high rate in Australia with statistics showing an incomprehensible high percentage of teens between 11 and 19 with Melanoma!!!

This is a scary statistic and in today’s society is unacceptable,

I have a 5-year-old and a 15-month-old daughter and I want to try and future proof them and their outdoor safety especially in high sun exposure locations such as water parks and beaches, 

My mission is to do exactly this through automation, hence my idea. 

My idea has also won an award at Masters Degree level. 


Weatherproof solar powered booths, free to use by consumers placed in strategically approved positions in public and private tourist destinations. 

The user simply enters the booth and chooses the desired factor rating from a touchscreen, covers their eyes and away they go.  I am looking at several possibilities of product storage and transition. One concept I am investigating is the opportunity of partnering with a sunscreen supplier (preferably organic) and producing a bottle design bespoke to their particular product – guaranteeing them market share. The consumer would then insert their pre-purchased bottle (or buy in the local vending machine) into the predefined opening on the outside of the booth, step inside, cover their eyes and away they go. 

The USP of these application booths is the unique static spray technology that allows the sunscreen to adhere 100% to any exposed skin.

Missed skin coverage WILL burn and in this Australian harsh sun it WILL damage skin and lead to melanoma, all due to the UV rays penetrating the skin from a diminished ozone layer.

“Most products are not visible when applied to skin and as a result small areas can be missed, leading to sunburn appearing in these areas the next day. Care should be taken when applying sunscreens. It is important not to miss your ears, hands and feet and back of the neck. Apply at least 1 teaspoon of sunscreen product to each body part (face and neck, arm, leg, front of body, back etc). Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.”

Australasian College of Dermatologists.    

I am in discussions with various established FDA approved sunscreen manufacturers with the goal of agreeing to commercial arrangements to above-mentioned strategy,

I have also had preliminary meetings with Industrial Design companies.

This initial campaign has been set up with the aim to raise seed capital to allow the project to proceed with the design stage, to be followed by another round of capital raising allowing progression to the prototype and placement stage.

The prototype placement stage is envisaged to occur at the start of summer initially in a local large water park. 

This park has the most concentrated area of people exposed to harmful UV rays with little shelter and ultimately giving the best-measured feedback 

The medium-term business plan is to have a booth at every beach, resort and water park in Australia with the added advertising revenue generating opportunity. 

An Aussie solution to an Aussie problem!


May 26, 2018

Proposed Business plan:
1) TGA approved Australian sunscreen manufacturers sourced/approached and proposition offered/agreed 

2)Strategy A or B
  (A) - Agree on a bespoke bottle design or adaptor with the sourced manufacturer, bottle design being proprietary of EclipZ sunscreener and part of the booth working design. This proposition increases the manufacturers market share and creates a potential monopoly ( annual design licence fee per bottle sold attributed to EclipZ sunscreener) or
  (B) - Agree on an equity partnership structure with sunscreen manufacturer and using their existing bottle range as the bespoke connection to said booths

3) Booth Design Update:
     *No requirement for onboard storage and associated infrastructure related to sunscreens 
     *Relatively cheap to manufacture and install - possibly water and drain connection only with solar powered energy. Making it very versatile on locations. 
     *No payment methods required on booths - BYO bespoke bottle or purchase from a vending machine (Lessers), use of booth FREE to the public 

4) Agreement to be established between manufacturers established retail connections to stock " EclipZ sunscreener special edition range"   

5) Agreement to be acquired from coastal councils/councils with external public water parks and private commercial waterparks for placement arrangements of booths on beaches and parks grounds. Commercial arrangements to be determined however possibly a free trial period. Opportunity for booth sunscreen bottle vending run by lesser. 

6) Above agreements to be used as tools to successfully seek investor capital, starting with seed capital to progress design stage. 

7) Investigate possible federal or local government grants

8) Investigate possible booth advertising income and further vending partnerships, 

9) Local government with Melanoma prevention schemes may support and grant permits to place booths in easily assessable locations 

10) TV Marketing campaign

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