Activewear inspired by African prints

Ended on December 31st 2020

pledged of $5,000AU

Creating an emerging new line of activewear inspired by African prints


All or Nothing
Fashion New South Wales, Australia

Frika activewear is an emerging new line of activewear inspired by African prints which is based in Australia, I believe that the modern activewear is missing  the touch of Africa and this is why I am introducing this new concept to the activewear industry. I came up with the idea of creating activewear using African prints to bring African culture into  the activewear industry as this is something rare in today’s industry.  Proudly introducing activewear with vibrant African prints that can be worn by all backgrounds, with style and uniqueness.

At this moment I am not able to order product’s to start my business due to not having enough funding.I have completed the  sampling and the testing stage, and currently working on the website but do not have the products for the online store.Due to having different style of activewear I would like to place an order of different selections

Min quantity colour/style(pcs) 2,000 for tights and bras (2000USD) 

Min order quantity/style(pcs) 2,000 USD shorts and bras

Max order quantity shipment (pcs) 5,000 to 10000

I would like to order min order  of four different styles which costs 5000 to start my online store for different selections of products.




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