ABCC– A Student-run International Business Competition

Ended on August 31st 2017

pledged of $8,000SG

Creating a platform for future generations to exchange ideas on the pressing issue of sustainability

Asian Business Case Competition 2017

Flexible Funding

Asian Business Case Competition (ABCC) is Singapore’s first international business case competition, and is the only one which emphasizes on sustainability. It is fully run by students from Nanyang Technological University, with a common goal to raise awareness and create a thought community on the pressing issues of sustainability.


Why the need for this event?

We believe the greatest challenge faced by 21st century enterprises lies not just in growing profits, but also in contributing back to the environment and its people in order to build sustainable businesses. Therefore at ABCC, we bring the best students from around the world together to take up this challenge of developing innovative solutions to help companies achieve this. 

Throughout the 11 years of organizing ABCC, we have seen international students from over 20 partner universities all around the world gathered together in Singapore, drawn to this platform for the exchange of ideas between local and international participants, and thereby paving the way for more insights into the whys, whats and hows of sustainability.

Moving towards a sustainable future, ABCC thus becomes a critical platform for the voice of the youths today to be heard on corporate sustainability issues. These future leaders are given an early stake when innovative ideas are adopted by companies.


We want YOU to partner with us!


We love to involve as many people as possible in our drive towards business sustainability. And this is where you come in. 

ABCC committee would like to partner with YOU to play a greater role in sustainability efforts as we organise and host this event.

Currently, our ABCC website is hosted by Sgnix, which believes in eco-friendliness towards the environment. In using Sgnix’s wind-powered servers, we contribute to the environment by protecting 1271 acres of forest every year.

We hope to be able to do more with your donations and make this event as green as possible, practising what we preach through our present actions even as we propose future improvements!

Moving forward, if we reach the $1k mark, we will be switching all disposable utensils to biodegradable materials! (e.g. Cornware – 70% starch and produces far less CO2 when disposed of)

Upon reaching the $2k mark, we will be incorporating an sustainability pledge for all the participants!image

Upon reaching the $5k mark, we will certify our event Carbon Neutral! 

This means that the CO2 emissions produced from six days of heating, lighting, waste and travel will be balanced out by purchasing carbon offsets from two climate friendly projects which reduce the equivalent amount of CO2





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