Stop Plastic Waste To Save Our Ocean & Marine Life

Ended on August 31st 2020

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We will be giving away FREE eco-friendly food containers to restaurants to replace plastic products

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Environmental Rehabilitation Victoria, Australia



Due to the recent lockdown caused by covid-19, there is a huge increase in the number of take away meals and food delivery orders. While this may be a good thing for business owners, the number of plastic products used, especially plastic food containers, has reached an emormous level like never before. Imagine with all the food delivery services prospering compare to previous decade. It is alarming that these plastic food containers being disposed will have serious impact on our environment. They will never disappear. The plastic will stay forever even if it is put in landfill. Those plastic products that have not been managed properly are flowing into the ocean and threatening the marine life and eco system. It is not our next generation that will suffer. The serious after effects are already happening now. 


Even though there are alternative biodegradable food packaging products available to replace the plastic products, due to its dearer costs, it is quite difficult to encourage F & B operators to use these eco-friendly products such as biodegradable food containers and food packaging. The gap price between plastic food containers and biodegradable or compostable food containers is quite big. 


The only way to solve this problem is to make eco-friendly products available at a cheaper price than plastic products. Obviously this problem is not solved because the manaufacturing costs for such products is higher and the demand is lower. It makes it hard to compete with cheaper plastic product pricing. 


However, we have found a way to solve this problem. We are able to sell biodegradable or compostable food packaging products cheaper than plastic products. We have a business plan to start an advertising business offering advertising space on the products to cover the cost so that we can sell the product way much cheaper than plastic food container. In this way, all the take away food business owners will definitely use our products because it helps them to cut costs and at the same time contributing to environment protection. 


Therefore we are now rasing capital to start this business. The only social or community efforts that will last longer is the something that make profit. Without profit to run the efforts, it is not easy to survive in the long run. Hence we believe with this business start running and earning profit, we are actually making an big and long term impact on reducing plastic waste for our environment. And in near future when the business runs on profit, it will not have to reply on public donation to continue the effort. 


We will provide as much information as possible about this business model. You are welcome to provide feedback or making inquiry about our business efforts to help protecting eco system. All your monetary contribution will be rewarded. Please check the reward section. Thank you. 

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