Plant a tree reward


ReadyFundGo is working with its partners CarbonNeutral and the Dream Foundation to tackle climate change.
As part of our efforts we have created 3 standard rewards which you may opt to introduce to your campaign.

If a supporter selects the reward from your campaign 1-10 trees will be planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity corridor by Carbon Neutral depending upon the size of the pledge.

The table below shows the number of trees planted and the amount that will be contributed to your campaign before the Stripe fee.

Pledge Number  of trees You receive less Stripe fee
$10 1 $5.50
$50 5 $30.50
$100 10 $61.50

The Stripe fee will be taken from the amount you receive. For example, the Stripe Australia fee on a domestic card is 1.75% plus 30c per transaction.


On a $10 pledge the Stripe fee will be 48c so $5.50 – 0.48 = $5.02 will be transferred to your Stripe account.

In this example ReadyFundGo receive $4.50 to cover the cost of planting the tree and their admin charge.