How to Create an Awesome Crowdfunding Video Without Breaking the Bank

Crowdfunding with ReadyFundGo

Crowdfunding with ReadyFundGo

How to Create an Awesome Crowdfunding Video Without Breaking the Bank

It’s hard to overstate the importance of an appealing video to carry out a successful crowdfunding campaign. Projects are 60% more likely to succeed and raise three times more money  when they have a pitch video, and, not surprisingly, every ReadyFundGo campaigner who has hit a $5k funding target included one on their crowdfunding page.


However, the challenge of video production as perceived by many people we talk to is cost. Isn’t it risky and, in a way, counterintuitive to invest in an expensive video when the actual goal is to get financial resources?


The good news is that crowdfunding videos don’t require a Hollywood production budget. You can create an effective crowdfunding video on your phone if you can get good sound quality.


Indeed many campaigners excel at engaging backers with free or low-cost video software like Biteable.


About Biteable

The mission of Tasmania-based start-up Biteable is simple: Make it easy for anyone to create videos at a low cost without the need for technical skills.


The company cleverly offers both a FREE and $99 yearly plan that enables marketers to produce and edit their videos with pre-built templates, stock footage, effects, and much more.


That’s a viable alternative for crowdfunding campaigners.


Tips for a Low-Cost Crowdfunding Video Campaign

Alongside a decreasing cost of video production, the best-performing crowdfunding videos also have attributes that make them inexpensive to put together.


Key messages must be conveyed quickly

People are busy, and their attention span is short. Around 50% of people will stop watching a video after 60 seconds. Also, you can be sure that backers browse through many  campaigns before committing money to any of them.


Spend time thinking how you can script the first 20 seconds of your video to best effect – you must hook the potential campaign backer in right away. Be concise and clear with the words you use.


Focus on only a couple of your rewards

While you may have created a menu of exciting campaign rewards at different price points, only focus on a couple in your video. Ensure you focus on demonstrating the benefits and value to the campaign backer.



End with a call to action

The end of your crowdfunding video, which may only be 60 seconds long in its entirety, you should include a clear call to action. Tell the viewer what you would like them to do. Please support our campaign by pledging here with the link to our ReadyFundGo crowdfunding campaign page. Make it easy for the potential backer.


Get started on your campaign today at Visit check  out their video options and start scripting your story. You only need a few lines. This is an example of where “less is more”.




If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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