Funding Types

On ReadyFundGo, you can choose from two funding types for your crowdfunding campaign. The type you choose really depends on your goal and the unique nature of your project.


Here’s the basics on each funding type:

Flexible Campaigns

‘Flexible’ campaigns essentially allows you to receive funds, regardless if your funding goal is met.  Your supporter’s pledge is processed immediately at the time of pledge. The benefits of choosing the flexible campaign type is that if your project is not dependent on the goal for fulfilling your individual rewards or project, it allows you to raise funds regardless of the scale of your campaign.  It is well suited to campaigns where a reward can be produced regardless of the grand total raised. ‘Flexible’ campaigns are also called ‘Take What You Can Get’ or ‘Take All’ Campaigns.

All or Nothing Campaigns

The ‘All or Nothing’ campaign type requires a funding goal be met before funds are released to the campaign owner.  Your supporter’s credit card is preprocessed but not charged if the goal is not yet met when they pledge for a reward.  If the goal is met, all payments to date are then processed from that point and continued to be processed until the campaign end date. This type of campaign is well suited to a project that requires a certain amount of funding in order to produce its rewards.  It also can boost the campaign’s momentum due to the psychology of it being unable to succeed without support.