Do projects with more expensive products/outcomes get larger pledges?

Yes, even more so than above. The project categories that get the highest average pledges are Technology, Design and Film & Video in that order. The categories that get the lowest average pledges are Comics, Publishing and Games. In fact, even within those categories, the subcategories that imply physical products, thus requiring materials, time per duplicate and shipping, are also those that get the highest average pledges. For example, in the Technology category, Hardware gets much higher pledges on average than does Open Software. In Art, the subcategory with the lowest average pledges is Digital Art, while the highest average pledges in the Art category are in Painting and Sculpture. Note that this does not imply a causal relationship: Categorizing your project incorrectly is not likely to bring you more pledges. It can, however, provide reassurance to creators whose ambitions involve more expenses.


histogram of most popular pledge aware levels


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