Crowdfunding: the secrets behind the $1 million plus campaigns

February 11, 2019 location : The Precinct, 315 Brunswick Street, Level 3, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane QLD 4006

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ReadyFundGo Crowdfunding Academy


            Ever wondered the secrets behind the $1 million plus global crowdfunding campaigns ?

     Join ReadyFundGo to find out with international crowdfunding gurus as they launch the Academy

If you are a startup or an existing business, a scientist or an inventor with an idea, prototype or market ready product find out whether crowdfunding will work for you.

If you ever thought that the most highly funded crowdfunding projects happen by chance you will learn that the reality is quite different.

Learn about controlling the process with a smart strategy and steps towards your funding goal as you expose your brand to the world. It takes graft and a team with specialist skills.

Find out what goes on behind the scenes and the secrets to crowdfunding success.

Hear from two of the world’s leading crowdfuding consultants as ReadyFundGo launch their Academy in Australia.

Two of the crowdfunding projects that Bojan and Claudio managed raised a combined US $4.6 million.

These global multi-million dollar campaigns launched new products to the market. The strategies discussed will be useful for those planning a reward-based or an equity-based crowdfunding campaign as in both cases it is essential to build your crowd  pre-launch.



Two of the crowdfunding projects that Bojan and Claudio managed raised a combined US $4.6 million.

Bojan – Strategic Campaign Advisor

Bojan is both a product designer and a veteran of the crowdfunding industry. He one of the very few people in the world who has run two $1 million plus product based crowdfunding campaigns. He has been involved in design processes, prototyping, development and management of crowdfunding campaigns for consumer products and consumer electronics. Bojan is involved with several tech start-ups and is highly interested in the design of new consumer products.


Claudio – Digital Marketing Specialist

Claudio is a data driven strategic marketer passionate about communication and branding. Originally from Italy, launched his first online marketplace in 2012 and has worked for companies such as Microsoft and Facebook in Ireland. He is a believer of experiential learning and is highly curious about the opportunities crowdfunding can provide to empower communities.



AGENDA of the evening:

5.45pm  : Meet with other entrepreneurs / innovators and start-ups

6.00pm : Speakers along with Q & A

7.00pm : Chat with the speakers and other entrepreneurs

7.30pm : Close

*The ReadyFundGo Crowdfunding Academy is supported by funding from the Australian Government under its Entrepreneurs‘ Programme

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