Can you create a $1 million crowdfunding campaign?

October 14, 2019 location : Sydney Startup Hub, Level 1, 11 York Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Tickets $10 

We will plant a tree for each attendee


Join the journey with Sydney inventor of world’s smallest projector Pocket Graphics

Sydney based inventor, James Bailey, has created a “cinema in your pocket” with the world’s smallest projector. It is 1/10 of the size and weight of the nearest competitor product.

James is working with crowdfunding consultants from ReadyFundGo to launch a campaign with Kickstarter for the US market.

He has previously been through the Sydney University Incubate Accelerator.

Join us at Spark Festival to:

Be the first to see and feel the projector,
Quiz the inventor,
Find out why James is choosing crowdfunding to launch his product,
Find out what goes on behind the scenes to create a global crowdfunding campaign,
Share your campaign ideas, and,
Jump on the mailing list for the super-early bird offers.

ReadyFundGo will use part of the $10 admission to plant a tree in Australia for every attendee.

Buy your ticket HERE 

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