Crowdfunding a coronavirus good news story

Crowdfunding and a coronavirus good news story:

Dogs on Doorsteps

Coronavirus  news remains relentless around the world with a devasting second wave of lockdowns for many business owners in both Victoria and other locations around the world. 

Some who had managed to scramble to survive the first wave and battle to reopen have been economically and emotionally scarred by the experience.

The roller coaster coronavirus ride is updated by the minute in this age of smartphones with constant news flash updates of the latest setbacks and casualties.

Many are feeling overwhelmed. Indeed the World Health Organisation (WHO) is now recommending those who are suffering from anxiety  limit their news updates to once or twice  a day.

However, there are positive news stories out there that are often getting lost in the noise. 

So we are delighted that ReadyFundGo has another uplifting story to tell with one of our newest crowdfunding campaign creators.

Suzanne is a localfamily photographer in Mosman, NSW. Like many others Suzanne’s business came to a sudden stop when the social distancing restrictions came in back in March.

As we all went into lockdown Suzanne started to photograph dogs on their doorsteps as a fun project during her daily walks.

Before she knew it Suzanne had amassed images of about 70 of gorgeous dogs on their doorsteps. Luckily for us, Suzanne was persuaded make a beautiful, feel good, quality hard cover coffee table book so that we can get to share and gaze at those wonderful four-legged friends.

Suzanne was about to launch her crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter before a friend told her about the local Australian crowdfunding platform ReadyFundGo. She created her campaign page and within a few hours was launched.

Once the costs (estimated to be around $15,000) of creating and printing the minimum order of 500 coffee table books are covered, Suzanne has generously decided to donate profits to a therapy dog not-for-profit called Paws Pet Therapy. Paws Pet Therapy  train volunteers and their dogs to support the vulnerable people in our community with doggy love and snuggles.

On the crowdfunding campaign, as well as being able to order copies of the book for yourself or friends for Christmas, if you live locally in Sydney you can also opt to have your own dog photographed.

The book can be purchased online at ReadyFundGo:

Suzanne’s beautiful coffee table book

Here is some info below that explains a little more.. 

This is the Forward from the book:


In a year that has brought challenges to many, my very dear and talented friend, Suzanne Stevenson took on a very personal project of photographing neighborhood dogs on their front steps. A widely recognized family and canine photographer as well as author of Tails of Mosman, Suzanne continues her love affair with capturing adored canine companions in her latest book, Dogs on Doorsteps.

Born out of circumstance, this book is a wonderful reflection of our furry friends during the period of home isolation. Suzanne’s work is magnetic and her unique ability to capture the character of each beloved dog is a rare talent. 

Guaranteed to deliver joy to all, Dogs on Doorsteps shines a light on the gift of companionship and the therapeutic benefits of dogs in uncertain times. Suzanne very cleverly celebrates the dogs in our community capturing their generosity of spirit and humour and love in her gorgeous images

This is an extract from the ‘Story’ page in the book:

‘Dogs on Doorsteps’ began as a personal project during, what was to be a total game-changer, March 2020. During this strange time of lockdown, a time we had never really experienced, I started to photograph neighbourhood dogs and re-discovered a connection to my community. I felt it was my way of giving back by offering owners professional images of their beloved dogs. 

It began at first with my friend’s and neighbour’s pooches, but in no time at all, through word of mouth, my project expanded and took on a life of its own. I was soon photographing all types of canine furry friends – Covid-era puppies, show champions, our beautiful, old faithful companions – so many exquisite breeds but all sharing the same big, warm heart (mine is now officially stamped with a paw-print).

It was amazing to feel first-hand the love and joy dogs bring to our families (in fact many are the favourite member of the family). They are our most loyal of friends, entertaining us with their individual quirks; always happy to see us and give an abundance of unconditional love every day. And in these uncertain times, our dogs are our therapy – providing comfort and companionship during long days/weeks of isolation. For many of us, they are our favourite people. 

 Since I was young, I have always wanted to give back to these precious friends. Dogs have enriched my life, as I know if you are reading this, they have touched your heart too. So, I’m delighted that together, we can make a difference to people who are in much need of doggy love. Proceeds of this book will be contributed to the not-for-profit charity, Paws Pet Therapy. They are a special group of humans who train volunteers and their dogs to support the vulnerable in our community. May their spirits (as yours) be lifted by the warm embrace and furry nuzzle of a dog.

Well done Suzanne ….. you are a complete star bring joy to so many with your amazing photographs in these difficult times and how kind to be using any profits made to support Paws Pet Therapy.

The book can be purchased online at ReadyFundGo:

Dogs on Doorsteps Coffee Table Book

Here is another fabulous doggo who features in the book:

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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