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If you are thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign then spending a valuable hour in advance running through the ReadyFundGo crowdfunding online course can save you hours of wasted effort later.

This online course will help you better understand the steps involved to setting up an effective crowdfunding campaign. 

We know that many Australian entrepreneurs spend hours thinking about how to get their businesses started and whether they can leave their day jobs, worrying about whether their idea will actually work.

Well crowdfunding is an excellent way of testing your idea out without having to spend a fortune or quit your day job. It is not all about raising funds, it can be used on a small scale to see if you get traction and people like what you are doing.

So don’t delay, start today.  Whether you are in Australia or overseas, discover 5 reasons  why you should take this online short crowdfunding course tonight. 

1. It takes less than 80 minutes and can save you hours 

At ReadyFundGo we know that many of our campaign creators have day jobs and are looking to start their crowdfunding campaign as a side-hustle to see if they can get traction and any interest before giving up their day job. 

Many of our campaign creators know that a high proportion of start-ups fail so they want to sensibly check to make sure they are not the only people on the planet who think their idea is fabulous !!

Taking this short online crowdfunding course will quickly give you an overview of what is involved in setting up and running a crowdfunding campaign and the areas where you should focus your time and effort. 

Understanding the best order to approach the steps in the process should avoid delaying the start of your campaign unnecessarily.

2. Avoid the pitfalls 

We get lots of people who come to ReadyFundGo to start a crowdfunding campaign for the first time but are just keen to get started and see if anyone will jump on their page and start to fund them.

Well we are so sorry to disappoint you but that is not how crowdfunding works! 

One of the biggest mistakes project creators make is to launch their campaign too soon. It is a big temptation but the course will give you some tips to help you avoid falling into this trap.

Spending hours and hours creating the most beautiful campaign page is not the solution  as again this typically  does not lead to a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Remember the clue to crowdfunding is in the “crowd”!

3. Start crafting your crowdfunding campaign plan 

As you go through the online course you will be provided with various resources including a template for your crowdfunding campaign plan. You can start to make notes as you go and build up the plan for your campaign. 

This will save you more time in the end and help to keep you on track for your launch. It should stop you spending all your time on one area of the preparation and missing out on a key step such as researching shipping costs for example.

4. Templates to help get you off the ground 

When you are creating your campaign story or drafting your first e mails to potential backers it is so much easier to have an example or structure provided for you to start. Starting with a blank page is the hardest part. 

The templates and examples provided should mean that you can put together your campaign more quickly and ensure you have covered off the main points.

5. Increase your chances of campaign success!

Crowdfunded with ReadyFundGo

As part of the course you will discover more about how to create your crowdfunding campaign goal. It is as much an art as a science.

The amount that you display as your campaign goal can sometimes influence how backers react and also whether a journalist for example may be prepared to run a story about your project.

You will learn the difference between “all or nothing” or “flexible” crowdfunding campaigns and which is best for your campaign.

CLICK HERE to start the course 

Crowdfunding Training Course: Everything You Need to Know

Crowdfunding is the raising of small amounts of money from large numbers of people, the crowd. It has raised billions of dollars and is expected to grow to US$ 300 billion by 2030.

Once you have completed the course you will be in a much better position to create your campaign in the most efficient and effective manner. 

You will find that  ReadyFundGo is best Australian crowdfunding platform if you are looking at running a rewards or donation based campaign from Australia and are wanting to target either an Australian or global audience. 

We are particularly here to help Australians who want to create a better tomorrow and are interested in a sustainable future for all. 

Some of our prior campaigns from Australia have included a Melbourne based start-up creating edible coffee cups to help stop the problem with takeaway cups going to landfill. Did you know that prior to COVID-19, Australia was sending 2.4 million coffee cups a day to landfill!  

Another cool start-up fighting plastic pollution is MISTER Rye, an Adelaide based start-up developing straws made from rye working with local farmers.

We cannot wait to hear about your project for a better tomorrow. For those who have completed the course or are ready to start their campaign you can get started  HERE.

If you'd like to see more of our essential tips for managing and promoting your crowdfunding project, you can grab our Guide To Crowdfunding here.

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