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It’s the crowd not the cash

In crowdfunding, it is somewhat counter-intuitive. When you focus on properly forming a crowd (instead of on the cash) then they – ‘your crowd’ – will mobilize and raise the funds that they need, in order to do the thing or get the thing they want.

The transaction page at the center of a crowdfunding campaign should not be the focus. It should be creating your crowd properly.

Unsuccessful campaigns fail because they don’t get this.  Do you get it?

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What Do We Offer?

True partnership with crowdfunding projects – and the people that lead them.

Who Do We Work With?

Innovators who recognise the value in properly preparing for fundraising, but are focused on other  parts of the business.

We don’t connect clients to individuals or groups, but with a crowd we jointly cultivate that becomes ‘your crowd’..

Specifically, we work with the people we think we can help raise funding in excess of $500,000.

When To Work With Us

Ideally you want to get in touch 3-4 months prior to when you want to raise. This will give you time to engage the crowd and getter a better deal at the time you need it than you would otherwise get.

When you ‘must’ or ‘need’ to raise, it will suck for a variety of reasons.

How Do We Do This?

Preparation is the most important factor in crowdfunding success

We become your inside-operating department.  

We actively seek distribution commitments and opportunities for your campaign ahead of going live.  

In fact we don’t go live with the campaign until and unless we can meet our stringent standards for crowdfunding success.

Why Trust Us?

We have partnered with multiple projects that have gone on to secure more than $1m in funding.  

In Australia, we know the relevant laws around equity, debt, donation and rewards crowdfunding.  

We are acutely of how the whole system of influence works and what are the latest trends in terms of campaigns.

Mutually Rewarding

ReadyFundGo succeeds when our clients succeed. This aligns our interests with yours and your crowd.

Download Our 12-Week Pre-Campaign RoadMap

  12 Week Pre-Campaign RoadMap (open pdf)

How Much Does It Cost?

We undertake a tailored bespoke approach to our work.  

We partner with our clients and share in the success by being incentivised to work against performance based targets on actual funds raised.  

What does a successful raise take?

Robert Pekin is Co-Founder of Food Connect. He details what it took for them to complete a $2.1m raise, the most successful in 2018.

To assess our mutual fit

Make an appointment

A typical project will have an upfront fee of $10,000, and a success fee of 10%.  Although the upfront and success rates can vary depending on requirements.