THE FESTIVAL – Script Development

by L  Luke Davis

Ended on November 30th 2018

pledged of $7,000AU

THE FESTIVAL - One Week, 100 Egos & No Money - What Could go Wrong?

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Queensland, Australia

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We are seeking to raise funds to assist in funding the preparation of a treatment, script and further funding applications for a proposed feature film called “THE FESTIVAL”.


THE FESTIVAL will be a  comedy feature film following the small seaside town of PARADISE BEACH and their Council, Paradise Beach City Council. In their desperate attempt to create international publicity for their town, they decide to stage an International Film Festival.

​The Film follows The Paradise Beach Council, their colourful Mayor Trevor Palmer, ( who is a failed businessman, politican and once had dreams of becoming an Actor), and the Festival Director , Loyd Crimson-Smyth, who just happens to be an unemployed Gardner who is mistaken for a world famous festival director of the same name from London.

When Loyd Crimson-Smyth and his friend recieve the offer, and fee, for running the festival they quickly sign up for the job, not realising that there is no budget to run the event and the only interest they have received from film makers and actors to attend are “divas” and “has been actors”.

The comedy follows the Mayor and Loyd Criomson- Smyth as they soon realise they are in over their heads. We follow them as they frantically work to put the festival on. This all  occurs while in the background they learn their planned venue, “the 50 year old Paradise Cinema” is scheduled to be pulled down, their “Stars”, scheduled to walk the red carpet are fighting among themselves and the media think current movie stars are attending and are stalking the Festival Organisers, all while they have no budget.

THE FESTIVAL promises to be a romantic comedy with a difference featuring great characters, a great story and fun for the whole family.  





Hi my name is Luke Hamilton-Davis. The Festival is a story I created from a personal event that happened in my life over 20 years ago when I was involved in a Film Festival. While the story is not autobiographical it does draw on my experiences at the time, and the fun and dramas that happened in dealing with “movie stars” “Film Societies” and “Local Government”, and no money.

​While this is a first effort at preparing a treatment and script, I will be seeking contributions from experienced Writers and Producers. This is a “passion project” for me. I invite you to join me and come along for the ride. There are no guarantees that the project will get to the big screen but life is a journey and its about having a go.

If you like the idea, and wish to contribute, then please feel free to contribute. I welcome your involvement in

“The Festival”


RegardsLuke Davis


50% of funds raised is for the engagement of a recognised film industry consultant to assist in the preparation of a Film Australia Grant Application.  30% of funds raised is for costs associated with engaging qualified script editors to assist with Treatment preparation. 20% of funds raised will be allocated to the disbursements associated meeting with Script Editors and industry recognised consultants and Printing & Distribution of Treatments

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