Phillip Island Flyboarding

by M  Mathijs Schulte

Ended on September 8th 2017

pledged of $20,000

We are looking to create a Unique Aquatic experience in Phillip Island and need your help!

"Feeling Lucky" raffle Tickets

22 of 500 taken

This raffle contains just 500 tickets, and you stand the change to multiply your voucher by 100x. Buy your extra raffle tickets to better the odds. Grandprice is a $500,- gift voucher that you can spend any way you want at our company. Buy merchandise, Come and join an experience, even gift it to a friend. This deal is too good to pass up. No maximum number of tickets to purchase, so you feel lucky? A drawing will be one week after Fundraiser closes.

"Founder" Show us your support

3 pledges

Show us your support, by a minimum contribution of $10,- dollars and help us realise this experience right here in Phillip Island. What do you get out of it? - Bragging rights to your friends, that you helped this company came to be. - Join our email list and receive updates and news, also join our Facebook community with other like-minded people. - Get an honourable mention at our website by name.

"Pioneer" Get instant 20% discount on any new activity.

1 of 50 taken

This is a great deal, for any future activities at PIFLYBOARD. We are looking to expand with other activities very soon, and you could be one of the first to try it out. Get early access, and be the first to know about it. This deal is only for new activities and does not include the current activities at PIFLYBOARD and vouchers are valid for ever.

"Media Geek" Save on your Media Pack

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This is a great additional deal if you are coming this way to try Flyboarding and want first person views from one of the instructors on video. Save 50% on your Media pack, and show off your skills to your social media following and your real friends. We shoot our videos from a Helmet cam, and have a front row seat of the action.

"Merc supporter" PIFLYBOARD T-SHIRT

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Become a Merchandise supporter, and order your T-shirt and show us your support. These shirts come in white/grey and black. The shirts will be made and delivered two weeks after the campaign ended. Delivery cost is included.

"Founding Flyer" 60 min weekend experience October

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Experience the art of flying as one of the Founding Flyers at Phillip Island Flyboarding. This is a great deal at 50% discount, only a limited offer of 20 tickets. This experience includes a 30 min Pre-flight training on shore and 30 min of actual flying time. This experience can be purchased as a gift for someone, or use it yourself. If you ever wanted to try this experience then this is a great way to do it. Voucher will be sent by email. Bookings open in October.

"Merc supporter" PIFLYBOARD Hoodie

2 pledges

This is a great way to support our community and keep warm during winter. This hoodie has an embroidered logo at the front and comes in Black, White and Navy colours. Clothing will be made and shipped two weeks after the end of the Campaign. Shipping is included.

"Founding Flyers" 60 min weekend experience November

1 of 60 taken

Experience the art of flying as one of the Founding Flyers at Phillip Island Flyboarding. This is a great deal at 40% discount, only a limited offer of 60 tickets. This experience includes a 30 min Pre-flight training on shore and 30 min of actual flying time. This experience can be purchased as a gift for someone, or use it yourself. If you ever wanted to try this experience then this is a great way to do it. Voucher will be sent by email. Bookings open in Oktober.

"Founding FLyers" 60 min weekend experience December

2 of 90 taken

Experience the art of flying as one of the Founding Flyers at Phillip Island Flyboarding. This is a great deal at more than 30% discount, only a limited offer of 90 tickets. This experience includes a 30 min Pre-flight training on shore and 30 min of actual flying time. This experience can be purchased as a gift for someone, or use it yourself. If you ever wanted to try this experience then this is a great way to do it. Voucher will be sent by email. Bookings open in Oktober.

"Friendly Flyer" 45 min experience, and bring 2 friends.

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This experience allows you and 2 friends to try this experience. Included is a 30 min safety briefing and 15 min of actual flying time. Also included is a Media pack for you and your friends. Keen to learn the basics of flight? Suprise your friends with this amazing gift. Voucher will be valid for the entire season! Redeem this voucher online.

"Frequent Flyer" Ultimate pack: 5x 60 min

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Become a Frequent Flyer, with this ultimate pack, for the real Adrenaline seeker. Save a whopping $545,- dollars. Normal Price is $895,- Learn all the tricks with Flyboarding and get a PIFLYBOARD certificate and an award at the end of your sessions. Valid for 1 year. Vouchers can be redeemed online and booked at availability. Only for 1 person, not interchangeable between sessions.

Phillip Island Flyboarding

Flexible Funding
Cowes, Victoria, Australia



If any of you ever travelled to Philip Island right here in Victoria, you know how beautiful the Island is.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was an Aquatic experience that excites and creates a unique experience for tourist and locals alike? We would like to give you the opportunity to join our vision and help us realise the first Flyboarding Company in Phillip Island.

What is Flyboarding? 

A Flyboard is a brand of hydroflight device which supplies propulsion to drive the Flyboard into the air to perform a sport known as hydroflying.

A Flyboard rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to a watercraft. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 12 m in the air or to dive headlong into the water down to 2.5 m

We are planning to launch on Moto GP weekend on the 21st October 2017 and we are giving our first flyers the opportunity to purchase GREATLY DISCOUNTED EARLY BIRD TICKETS/ GIFT VOUCHERS AND OTHER AMAZING PERKS!




About this campaign:

Phillip Island Flyboarding (PIFLYBOARD) started this campaign to raise awareness and create a community about this new aquatic activity, and raise funds for this Experience through Pre-launch tickets, and other perks.


What will happen with your contribution:

* This is a Flexible Fundraiser, meaning we already have most of our costs covered.

* Help us raise $20,000 AUD, for the remaining initial setup cost. 

* The money raised will be used to buy Equipment, Wetsuits, Safety Gear and possibly additional activity products depending on our target goal.

* Allow us to sell Early bird tickets/vouchers at hugely discounted prices and have the opportunity to be part of a great new company in Phillip Island. Additionally, you will receive updates on any new activities, plus your name will go on our website as one of the initial supporters.

Phillip Island is an amazing island, where we feel an experience like this is needed. We want to work together with the community and protect the enviroment. Our Eco certification is in Progress.



 What do we offer:

 * Each experience includes a 30 min Safety briefing by one of our qualified Safety instructors on shore.

* Wetsuits, Helmets, Life jacket, are all provided by us.

* Learn to stand in 5-10 min, and begin your superhero experience.

* Video footage available for purchase from the instructor point of view.

* New activities expected shortly

* The only fly board experience on the Island

* See our Reward section about how you or a loved one can be one of the first to start      flying and diving in the water.

Flyboarding can be done by ages between 16 – 65, and when you are in good health. It is actually a lot easier than it seems. People generally stand and fly within 5-10 minutes with help from a instructor.

What rewards do we offer?


> “Founding Flyers” discounted tickets and vouchers only availble in weekends. 

* Book for opening month Oct: $89,- dollars – 60 min, normally $179,- (50% discount)

* Book for Nov:                             $99,- dollars – 60 min, normally $179,- (45% discount)

* Book for Dec:                             $109,- dollars – 60 min, normally $179,- (40% discount)

* These can be purchased as a voucher for someone else or use them yourself.


> “Feeling lucky”                            $5,- raffle tickets, by as many as you like, or gift them to                                                          someone. Grand prize is a $500,- Voucher for our                                                                      company to use anytime. (500 tickets available). The                                                                prize will be drawn no matter how many tickets are sold.


> “Friendly Flyers” You and 2 friends, experience the art of flying (limited offer)

* Book from Nov – Dec               $250,- dollars 45 min, normally $447,- (45% discount)

                                                        With free Media Pack! 


> “Frequent Flyer”                         $350,- dollars, for 5x 60 min experience by the same                                                                 person, included is Media pack, Frequent Flyer                                                                          Certificate and an Award. Learn all the tricks. Normal                                                               price $900,- dollars


> “Supporter”                                    $10,- Make this activity an reality without expecting                                                                  anything in return, and say to your friends you helped                                                            this company become reality. Can be any price you                                                                  want, starting from $10,- 


> “Pioneer”                                    $20,- Join our hotlist when any new activity or update                                                               arrives and receive an instant 20% discount and get                                                                 preferred booking over anyone else.


> “Merc Supporter”                      $45,- dollars for our PIFLYBOARD T-shirt and                                                                              $95,- dollars for our Hoodie. Showcase our cause.


> “Media Geek”                             $25,- dollars, to get a 50% discount on our Media                                                                     package, normally valued at $50,- dollar. (Only in                                                                      combination with a Flyboard experience.)


This is a Flexible funding, your contribution will go into making our company even stronger and with more activities. This Activity is going to happen, we just want you to be here with us when we open.

Additional Perks to becoming an early member: 

* Every person that contributes to our cause can get email updates and can join our FB community.

* Get an Invite to our Launch party in October and meet the Orginal Founders.

* When you share this with friends and 5 of them become contributors you get a free T-shirt. (Trackable with share links at the top).

* Follow our road to success and stay connected.

All funds pledged through this crowdfunding campaign will be used to make this company the coolest and most adrenaline fueled experience there is here on the Island.


About our Company

Phillip Island Flyboard is a company based in Phillip Island, Victoria. The surroundings of the Island are amazing and this a big tourist destination. Besides all the amazing scenery and wildlife parks here, there is not that much to do for the person looking for a little bit more adventure.

See the birds flying? Why not feel like a bird flying?

Have you seen the world famous penguins? Why not dive in the water like a Penguin?

Have you seen Iron Man? You get the picture… 🙂

We will be operating throughout the summer season, and possibly holidays, depending on demand. We are looking to create a strong connection with Locals and tourist and offer a great customer service.

This company didn’t happen overnight, we have been working for approval from several agencies more many months starting in 2016. 

So far, we have the go ahead to continue our business.

– Approval from Vicparks with assigned location. Cowes Boat ramp

– Business plan approval from Council

– Approval from AMSA/EPA and Marine Safety Victoria.

– Safety management system approved.

– Eco certification in progress.

– Environmental Assessment Approved.

We are looking to make this a safe but also exciting experience for everyone. We are starting out with just one Jetski and one Flyboard but are looking to expand quickly with possible new activities and an additional Jetski. 

About us


Meet Tino and Matt, Founders and Owners of Phillip Island Flyboard (PIFLYBLOARD). Always looking for new exciting ways to add to this amazing Island and experience a different lifestyle.

Both Tino and Matt are thrill seekers and love to travel. 

Join our adventure and follow our project on Social media and get email updates.

Subscribe through our website, or by becoming a contributor.

image Matt

Terms and Conditions of rewards

 *As pre – sales are being raised to support the launch of our business and create our community, we would like to assure you that if for any reason PIFLYBOARD does not open by October 2017 vouchers will be fully refunded. We can’t see a reason for us not to open, but just for your peace of mind.

To redeem your voucher you must book your appointment to make a booking online at least 24hrs in advance. Bookings will be made available, after our Fundraising campaign, so make sure you hold on to your voucher. Visit our website to book your experience and use your voucher code.

Monthly Vouchers are valid for that month, any others are valid for 1 year and are transferable.

Monthly vouchers can only be booked for that month unless weather or any other changes are made from our side. If so, your voucher can be redeemed in the following month. You will be notified as soon as possible

Once we receive your contribution an electronic voucher will be emailed to you to confirm your purchase.  Please ensure you retain the voucher to redeem it.

We will keep all our supporters updated on our progress via the crowd funding, Facebook pages and via emails.

Thank you for taking the time and helping our company become a great experience at Phillip Island. 

It’s time to unleash your new superpowers.


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