Budgeting for Businesses – Why is it important?

Many business owners fail to set a budget and don’t consider this to be important.  They either think they are not big enough to require a budget or they have their budget in their head. A budget is the success plan for a business, it helps you plan and to reach goals within your business.

How to choose a colour scheme for your logo/brand

When working with a new brand or idea your logo is almost always the first port of call. It needs to represent who you are and what you are doing, so its important to do it right. There are many things to take into consideration when establish your idea/brands identity, so over the next few

Facebook For Small Business

5 Key Tips Small businesses need to be actively marketing on Facebook. That’s the long and the short of it. Clients often ask – slightly wary tone in their voice – if they need to be on Facebook. My answer usually boils down to this: Facebook has 1.9billion users. Your customers are there – and

GST and crowdfunding

I was recently asked at a family gathering if GST (the Goods and Services Tax) applied to crowdfunding. Not your everyday question I must admit, but given my area of expertise and my interest in technology start-ups, you could see why I was asked. I was about to dismiss it out of hand when I

Reverse Blogging

Hello everyone! This week we were invited to be part of a blog being made by our good friends at ReadyFundGo. So being the creatives we are, we decided to do a reverse blog. We made our blog about ReadyFundGo making a blog!!! So what is a blog? A blog (also called a weblog or

The Legal Basics All Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Whilst not applicable in all cases, when establishing/operating a business involving the sale or supply of goods and /or services it is quite important to consider having a set of terms and conditions tailored to such sale/supply. Terms and Conditions Prior to entering any commercial arrangement it would be prudent for a business owner that

The NOSE Knows!           

So, you’ve decided to run a crowdfunding campaign to start a business or raise money for charity. Good on you – you’re ahead of most who are still thinking about it. So, what now? Last month we talked about techniques you can use to create your story.  But how do you get people to understand


  It’s never too late to start! Recently a friend had been complaining about business and how much it had changed.  He has run his business for over 20 years and never had any problem but now things are harder and he doesn’t understand why.  I explained that times have changed and you have to

The Importance of Cash Flow Forecasting

Across years of providing advice to small and medium businesses, most recently as a partner of BridgePoint Group, I have been privileged to provide advice to dozens of start-ups. I love the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the men and women that are prepared to ‘risk it all’ and ‘have a go’.  And I love the fact

Why websites still matter in the age of crowdfunding

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Crowdfunding is still very much an industry in its infancy with many unanswered questions. However there are many lessons that can be learned from the years of data available to us in the small to medium business market. This post aims to highlight the importance of having a effective online presence for your


INTRODUCTION:   According to eMarketer over $11 billion was spent in Australia on Advertising last year (2014). Incredibly over 50% of that was spent on Digital Channels. In 2015 this growth shows no sign of slowing with spend predicted to increase by a further 10%.Another $500 million. And If you look at mobile advertising by

Employee Share Schemes just got more attractive

On 14 January 2015, Treasury released exposure draft legislation that is aimed at reforming the taxation of Employee Share Schemes (“ESS”). While the stated aim of the draft legislation is to create special concessions for start-ups to encourage them to reward key employees with equity in the business, there are incentives for all employees to

Setting Up A Business

    There are a plethora of issues which will confront a new business owner ranging from ascertaining the most suitable business structure for the business to operate under to ensuring that its business activities are compliant with all laws, rules and regulations.  In starting a business one of the first issues to consider is

Scripting Your Journey

Why do you need a script for a crowdfunding video?  A script is a very cheap or free tool that allows you to plan your crowdfunding story. You can easily fix what isn’t working in the script before you start spending loads of precious time producing the video itself. Once you have finalised the script

What’s your story?

   Selling your story actually means creating a connection with your supporters or customers.  Writing your story and the story of your business or idea is less about what you have to say and more about what people will want to hear in order to believe and buy in.  That doesn’t mean you should write

Digital Marketing… What’s Next?

Are You Ready For 2015? Did you know that in 2014 online advertising expenditure surpassed television for the first time in Australian history? So how are you capturing this audience through digital, social and mobile? Key Statistics To Consider: Over 10.8 million Australian’s go online at least once a day 30% of website traffic is

Storytelling Isn’t Just for Campfires

There’s lots to be optimistic about in 2015, particularly when you look at the increased access to crowdfunding combined with the limitless imagination that allows us to create amazing ideas and innovative products. Crowdfunding is fortunately also not rocket science! We can all agree on that. But behind the basic steps required, future crowdfunders need

Creating a Context for Success

Across years of providing advice to small and medium businesses, most recently as a partner of BridgePoint Group, I have been privileged to provide advice to dozens of start-ups. I love the enthusiasm and ingenuity of the men and women that are prepared to ‘risk it all’ and ‘have a go’. And I love the

Marketing on a Small Budget? Focus on Strategy!

When your marketing budget is limited and let’s face it, most businesses are having this issue right now, the answer is about being strategic. Being strategic means that you need to put some more work in yourself and unfortunately, as most of us who run our own business have time constraints, that may seem like

The Story of one our ‘Serial Entreprenuers’ & your go-to Expert

Most start-ups fail because of poor financial planning and management. “If you fail to plan you should plan to fail.”

Every entrepreneurial venture varies, as do the strategies that make them successful but there is a common trait that exists – limited capital. The scarcity of capital is what makes great entrepreneurs creative enough to think outside the box.

The story of one of our ‘serial entrepreneurs’ and your go-to advisor:

For my very first venture, a Pool Parlour in India, I needed almost $100k in investment but could only get $50k from my parents. My father wanted me to raise the remaining funds from my friends or borrow from the bank. His reason was to help me understand how to develop a business plan, and the importance of obtaining capital early on. Of course, I was also to learn to shoulder responsibility.